Public statement European Padel Association

Representatives from thirteen European Padel Federations met recently to further advance their cooperation and harmonize policies towards further advancing the sport of padel into the future.

In successive meetings in Lisbon and Madrid, during the months of May and June, the formation of the European Padel Federation (EPA) was agreed. The founding members of the new governing body of padel in Europe include the Austria Padel Federation, Padel Belgium, Czech Padel Federation, Danish Padel Federation, Finnish Padel Federation, Deutscher Padel Verband, British Padel, Nederlandse Padelbond, Polish Padel Association, Portuguese Padel Federation, Spanish Padel Federation, Svenska Padelförbundet and Swiss Padel Association.

European Goals

The goals of the European Padel Federation, include among others the following:

  1. Organize and rule European Competitions
  2. Produce and disseminate the Technical knowledge of the sport
  3. Help the development of the sport in rising European countries
  4. Promote youth development programs and support developing countries
  5. Protect and uphold the European Federation Members, with its rights, interests, independence and identity
  6. Set equivalencies for coaches’ and teachers’ program levels
  7. Stimulate sportsmanship at all EPA activities.

The intense working meetings resulted in the drafting of the by-lays, the design of the operational structure and the signing of a declaration to establish the EPA. Further information will be released soon.

Padel as an Olympic sport

The EPA shall be recognized and work under the umbrella of the International Padel Federation (FIP). The collective goal is to become an Olympic sport in 2028, for which a number or requirements must be met.

  • Three continental associations
  • 75 countries playing padel
  • Membership GAISF

With the creation of the EPA, and associations in North and South America, padel will fulfill these requirements soon. In the future there might be even more continental associations.

Membership GAISF

Due to great efforts of the FIP, padel (FIP) has been recently granted the Observer Status of GAISF, the Global Association of International Sports Federations. As stated in a recent declaration, these countries cooperate under a united vision of developing padel as an independent racket sport, with its own unique identity, rules and institutions.

Intercontinental championships

Understanding that official competitions are a keystone of the development of padel, the discussion agenda included the creation of a bi-annual intercontinental championship.  A European Team, comprising players from many continental countries shall face an equal opponent from the Americas in a location to be designated.


The representatives present in the meeting confirmed their belief in developing padel for the players, its members and their sport: padel. They recognized that passion for padel is a driving force and a strong asset that connects all stakeholders in the universe of padel.

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